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StylePass is a technology platform that gives retailers their very own branded style advice app, messenger channel, and micro-site. This helps retailers engage with customers in a personalised and relevant way, providing advice and product recommendations. Using these digital platforms to connect with customers increases loyalty, total spend and repeat business.

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StylePass is a technology platform that gives fashion retailers a branded style advice app, messenger channel, and microsite to engage customers and boost sales. The digital platforms give customers a simple way to ask for style advice and shopping tips. Whether it's what to wear to a wedding, which accessories to buy or how to choose the perfect LBD this season, the platform gives customers timely and helpful advice. This gives retailers the opportunity to provide personalised product recommendations to their customers on the purchase journey.


It’s increasingly difficult for brands and retailers to differentiate themselves in the current competitive market. The rapid rise of mobile and messaging has influenced customer behaviours, bringing new and exciting opportunities to connect with customers strategically. The StylePass style advice platform gives retailers ways to provide more personalised customer experiences wherever they are, leading to better customer relationships and increased sales.


  • Digital platforms – app, messenger channel, and website
  • Branded style advice in your customers' hands
  • Strong conversions, increased sales
  • Highly engaged customers on the purchasing journey
  • Easily implemented hosted technology and systems
  • Proven results.

StylePass promotes sales through strong customer engagement. Since starting out as What Should I Wear in 2011, StylePass has consistently delivered exceptional results. Customers using the platform are 7x more likely to purchase products seen on StylePass than to purchase products seen on traditional social channels.



  • Smart, shoppable product recommendations that change to match the questions and context
  • Integration with Facebook Messenger for conversational commerce
  • Easily curated content provides inspiring products and links
  • Opportunities for store stylists to engage with customers, to extend reach
  • Push notifications to enable increased engagement
  • Social integration
  • Analytics


StylePass is a 'Platform-as-a Service' that easily integrates with existing technology. We brand the platform to your guidelines so the technology is invisible - it becomes your branded app, messenger channel, and microsite. We connect with your existing website and products to deliver customers to your shopping cart. StylePass connects with your existing social networks to streamline sharing of products and recommendations. Your branded app can integrate with iBeacons across your retail locations to provide an online to in-store conversion trail, and rich customer data. StylePass provides you with information and analytics at every step on the path-to-purchase.




Delia Timms


Jeff Bonnes

Technical Director

StylePass was founded by Delia Timms and Jeff Bonnes. Delia and Jeff have a proven track-record in delivering successful, innovative technology solutions over the past decade. They founded Find A Babysitter in 2005 which won the National Telstra Business Award in 2008 and was bought by Fairfax in 2009. The launch and success of ‘What Should I Wear’ followed, laying the foundation for StylePass. They are also the founders of Geeks Inc. and the popular Installr beta app distribution platform.


We'd love to hear more about your business and discuss how StylePass can help you engage customers and boost your sales.


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